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Zhengbin Harbour Museum of Art –Space Moor:Exhibition & Sales /Arts Residency Open Call

Zhengbin Harbour Museum Of Art, initiated and curated by Zhengbin Art Studio at Keelung Zhengbin Fishing Port since 2021. Beyond our engaging and thought-provoking annual exhibitions, we have taken a step further by establishing “Space Moor” as a physical base. We envision “Space Moor” not only acting as the headquarters of creativity, dedicated to showcasing the vibrant city of Keelung, but also serving as a permanent exhibition space and a beacon for young artists and creators to settle in through our open calls or direct invitations. Our open calls span Exhibition and Sales, Arts Residency, inviting a continual exploration, creation, and breakthrough. Welcome to the very first experimental art space in Keelung!

For our open call, we are especially encouraging proposals that seek to connect with the essence of Keelung’s Harbour culture. We are open to a diverse range of fields, theme, and mediums, inviting talents from artistic creation, cultural promotion, social design, to creative industries to join us. Anticipating collaborations that foster encounters, interaction, and exchanges with both Zhengbin Art Studio and the city of Keelung itself at Space Moor.

Here at Space Moor, you are invited to experience a creative journey with a refreshing change of vibe, to freely utilize the exhibition space for showcase and sale. You can also enhance the visibility and marketing exposure with the support of Zhengbin Art Studio’s promotion platform. Beyond the pleasure of a refreshing voyage and the nourishment of creation, our hope is that your time here will propel you towards the future, weaving your memories and creativity with the city into the tapestry of this vibrant community.

Looking forward to witnessing the unique dialogues and narratives you will bring to Space Moor and the city of Keelung. Welcome to a place where art meets adventure, and stories unfold amidst the backdrop of the sea.

1. Application plans

There are two programs available for application:

2. Application Processing Timeline

Please fill out the form at any time to proceed to the subsequent review. The workflow is detailed in the diagram below.

3. Application Information

Please read the application guidelines carefully and fill out the following form.

The outline can be downloaded at the end of the document, which includes the sample format for reference.

4. Application Period

The application period for the first phase: from now until September 31, 2024.

From September 2024 to December 2024, there are still "Arts Residency" schedules, with bunk beds (September to December) and independent spaces (September, November, and December).

From January 2025 to December 2025, "Arts Residency" and "Exhibition & Sales" are open throughout the year.

5. Additional Program Details

6. Additional Notes

  1. As Space Moor thrives in harmony with local businesses and is not a completely independent space (connected to the B1 Brownie store, “Walking Island"), we strongly encourage prospective applicants to conduct an on-site visit for assessment before applying. We warmly welcome you to schedule a visit with us, during which a dedicated guide will lead you. For those unable to visit in person, an online meeting can be arranged for confirmation and understanding.

  2. Exhibitions must be planned for complete calendar months, from the beginning to the end of the month (e.g., 9/1-9/3 for setup, 9/4-9/28 for the exhibition, 9/29-9/30 for takedown). The residency/temporary relocation programs offer flexible duration options, allowing applicants to choose any period between 1 to 3 months.

  3. Apart from our team's documentation, residents are required to provide materials such as process photos, visual records, and main visual posters for promotional purposes to enhance visibility.

  4. Throughout the duration of the residency, the responsibility for the protection and compensation of both tangible assets (including but not limited to personal items, creative works, productive machinery, and equipment) and intangible assets (such as software, reputation, or intellectual property rights) rests solely with the residents. The management does not assume liability for these possessions.

  5. Successful applicants will receive a notification letter and a contract, signing an advance agreement to solidify the residency terms. This agreement is fundamental in ensuring the mutual fulfillment of rights and obligations by both parties. It is important to note that should an individual be unable to complete the residency due to personal circumstances, the policy does not permit refunds. However, arrangements can be made to defer or transfer the residency(with approval), accommodating unforeseen needs.

  6. Payments will be split into two installments (first installment: upon selection and contract signing, second installment: after successful move-in), with a NT$ 3,000 security deposit due within five days of residency commencement for performance bond. This deposit will be refunded post-residency, provided no damages occur to the facilities.

  7. Without authorization, residents may not sublet the space to third parties under any circumstances.

  8. The programs also welcome international applicants, field trips, international cultural exchanges, and project collaboration inquiries.

  9. For long-term residency ideas (i.e., living in two places) or other exhibition collaborations extending beyond three months, feel free to contact us by email or phone.

  10. In accordance with Personal Information Protection Act, relevant applicant information is used solely for residency recruitment purposes.

  11. Our team also offers consignment services through our carefully curated selection store. For those unable to personally sell their items on-site during the exhibition period, we invite you to explore the consignment opportunities at our selection lounge. For more information, please visit

  12. Should there be any significant violations of the program rules or failure to execute the project as planned, Zhengbin Art Studio reserves the right to cancel the residency qualification.

7.  Contact Information

Welcome to the official website of “Zhengbin Harbour Museum of Art” to learn more.

8. Past Exhibitions


The Space in Space Moor

In the spring of 2021, Space Moor was born, crafted from the ground up in the realms of spatial planning, design, and management to establish a distinct brand identity. We have revitalized a 60-year-old dwelling, transforming a former ship repair workshop into a multifaceted creative space of possibility. The term "moor" signifies the act of docking or mooring a vessel, encapsulating our aspiration for every creator to arrive as a ship does: returning full and rich, ready to unload their bounty to nourish both body and soul. We warmly welcome wandering vessels to find rest here, in this inspiringly luminous harbor, to muster the courage for new voyages. Space Moor is envisioned as the genesis of your next great endeavor.

● B1: “Walking Island” - A specialty brownie shop owned by a young pastry chef

● 1F: Space for exhibitions, sales, and interactive events

● 2F & 3F: Residency and workspace for creators

Space Moor : No.539, Zhongzheng Road, Zhongzheng District, Keelung City 202, Taiwan


 Space Moor, Exterior and Entrance

1. Exhibition & Sales Space:Space Moor 1F (Ground Floor)

Space: Rectangular (Length 10m x Width 2.7m, Height 2.1~3.9m)

Floor area: Approximately 26.4 square meters

Facilities: Air conditioning, internet, and spotlights provided, with ladders and electric drills available for borrowing.

Notes: The exhibition space on the ground floor is shared with B1 "Walking Island", including the ground floor restroom and the maintenance of indoor staircase access to the B1 area.

Opening Hours: From 13:00 to 18:00 daily. Zhengbin Art Studio is available to assist with the daily opening and closing of the exhibition.

Exhibitors capable of independently managing the opening and closing of their exhibitions, as well as oversee their displays during the exhibition period, have the flexibility to arrange their own hours of opening without being bound to the standard schedule. Exhibitors bear full responsibility for managing and addressing any risks or incidents that may occur throughout the exhibition.

1F (Ground Floor) Exhibition Space Floor Plan

2. Accommodation Space:Space Moor 2F

Space: Bunk beds | Mixed-gender accommodation, one room, approximately 20

square meters, accommodating up to 7 people.

Shared Facilities: Shared bathroom, utilities including water, electricity and internet, washing machine (with washing, drying, and spin-dry functions), microwave,oven, air conditioning/heating unit, dehumidifier, refrigerator, sink, and a table with seating for 4 people.

3. Accommodation area:Space Moor 3F

Space: Private room, one room, approximately 16.5 square meters, suitable for 1-2 people.

Shared Facilities: Shared bathroom, utilities including water, electricity and internet, washing machine (with washing, drying, and spin-dry functions), microwave, oven, air conditioning/heating unit, dehumidifier, refrigerator, sink, and a table with seating for 4 people.

4. Co-working Space:Zhengbin Creative School

Location:2F., No.30, Lane 393, Zhongzheng Road, Zhongzheng District, Keelung City 202, Taiwan.

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 9:30 to 18:30. Closed on public holidays.

Notes: This space serves as a multi-functional space, with occasional requirements for lectures and meetings, therefore, opening hours are adjusted on a rolling basis.


The sea view outside the space moor window

"We look forward to every creator getting more inspiration from the city of Keelung. And because you have moved more people to know this city through your creations and performances. We will continue to support every creator we meet in the future!"

Space Moor reserves the right to change the recruitment content and final explanation

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